EFS specialize in fire safety products.

Our values

  • COMMITTED TO QUALITY: We are ISO 9001 certified, covering all of our EFS operations.
  • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: Thanks to our years of experience we can advise our customers correctly and confidently about our products and relevant standards. Certified to working under international standards UL 555 & UL 555S for our Fire Dampers as well as ASTM E2336, UL 2221 and ULC S144 for our fire resistant wraps.
  • UNIQUE PRODUCTS: We constantly search for new innovative products to improve our business, enabling us to offer our customers a competitive advantage.
  • FORWARD THINKING: In product and service development we seek to be at the forefront of best practice, always anticipating change within our industry.
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE: Our good reputation is important to us and is supported by many years of proven performance in serving our customers.