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Production line for fire curtains

🔥 Exciting News from EFS Engineering! 🔥

We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of Israel's first-ever production line for fire curtains! 🌟

Our state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to crafting top-quality fire curtains designed to enhance safety and protection in various settings. Whether it's commercial spaces, industrial facilities, or residential buildings, our fire curtains are engineered to meet the highest standards.

Model: EFS-FC

Tested and certified by UL for the following standards:

  • UL 10D
  • EN 1634-1
  • BS 8524

2 hour fire rating 

Our certification covers every country's regulations and standards.

Round Sound Silencers



Announcement to our dearest customers – this one is for you!

Years of fruitful cooperation brings its natural growth to new directions as part of the challenges we are all facing within the construction industry. We are happy to announce the launch of a new production line of Round Sound Silencers.

The silencers have been tested at the SRL laboratory in the UK in accordance with BS/EN ISO 7235:2009.

The silencers are made by EFS Engineering in Israel.

Main models:

Model - EFS-RA round silencer

Model - EFS-RAP round silencer with pod

As always, quality is at the top of our gender in order to promote the best products and services. Now that the offered portfolio is more comprehensive, you can say "to a safer and a quieter life...", Amen!

Join us at AHR Expo 2024– Chicago, IL

Booth # S10049.

3CD Building Envelope Design Convention

The 3rd International 3CD Building Envelope Design Convention in Israel.

It was a long and successful day amongst professionals, taking the opportunity to be part of the visible aspects of the building industry.

Keynote speakers from various countries together with local leading specialists introduced new ideas and trends for buildings and for the surroundings.

EFS Engineering presented its hidden fire barrier solutions for Curtain walls and Facades.

SIDERISE - Perimeter Barriers & Firestops
SECOLITE - Reinforced Fiber Cement Boards

A winning combination of "behind the scene" fire safety solutions!

Thank you for joining the event and visiting our booth, see you all next year.


As part of our customer's request and our aim to provide a comprehensive solution, we are happy to launch a new product SECOLITE Cement Board.

SECOLITE® cement board is a light-weight board made of Portland cement, aggregates and other inorganic materials, reinforced on both sides with embedded glass fiber.

Secolite® Cement Board is ideal for use in demanding environments. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications such as construction of interior and exterior walls, ceilings and floors. It can be finished directly, used as a substrate for tiles and other decorative coatings or as an integral component of ETICS.

Park Central by Park Naimi

A unique project in the center of Israel combining hotels, offices as well as commercial areas.

The location of the project was carefully chosen in a short drive from Ben-Gurion international airport. It was designed as a technological greenhouse for companies that want to host representatives and delegations from all over the world

The project will include 13 buildings combining restaurants, commerce, hotels and offices in a modern design that includes aluminum and glass curtain walls.

EFS Engineering is providing a smoke barrier system for the curtain walls made by Siderise UK.

In the first buildings, installation has already been completed, and at the end of the project, over 50,000 meters of a unique smoke barrier will be installed. A system that has been tested and approved to the stringent standards ASTM E2307 and EN 1364-4, which were adopted by the Israeli standard 2174 - a significant step forward in the field of fire protection by the adoption of a standardized and unique system that has been proven in many countries all around the world

AHR Expo 2023 – Atlanta, GA

Three exciting days in such intensive event were a real eye opener.

A wide range of professionals visited our booth helped us to further establish our footprint in the US market. Not only that, it was interesting to meet potential distributors from Latin-America and the Caribbean's – a world of opportunities.

Wonderful opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to share valuable information – it is all about people…. 

 Plenty of work ahead of us to further explore, establish and strengthen the new and old relations.


Zak World of Façades

Introducing the world's most advanced fire and smoke protection system for curtain walls from Siderise Group. Our solution meets the stringent requirements of Israeli standard 2174, ensuring your curtain walls are fully protected. We are proud to showcase this innovative product at the Zak World of Façades conference and thank Siderise  team for their participation in the exhibition and lecture.

NFPA IL 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent NFPA-IL Fire Safety conference and exhibition in Tel Aviv. It was a pleasure to meet with safety consultants, planners, inspectors, and clients and showcase EFS's advanced fire and smoke protection system for curtain walls, which meets the most stringent regulations in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. We hope that you found the event informative and useful and look forward to connecting with you again in the future

Electricity & Energy 2022

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in Electricity & Energy 2022, organized by The Society of Electrical, Electronics & Energy Engineers in Israel. It was a pleasure to showcase our diverse range of products, including fire and smoke dampers, DUCTZ duct wrap, and the Aldes Air Flow Regulator. We hope that you found the event to be both productive and enlightening and look forward to maintaining a connection with you in the future

2021 Winter Meeting in England.

Fruitful day with our supplier - SIDERISE UK - at his manufacturing facility.

Always a pleasure to meet the management team as well as the technical and production staff.

Customers, vendors and every channel partners are being visited every year.

Company Event - Celebrating Purim National Holiday

A beautiful tradition we maintain on every holiday.

Taking a break to remember, honor and celebrate special occasions and holidays.

Seminars & Trainings at leading consultants offices

Periodically training sessions to share and increase knowledge with professionals.

Increasing awareness to the distinct advantages of UL & ASTM certified products
together with constant review of the regulations is part of our mission and responsibility
for everyone to remember that "safety is #1".  

The Annual Conference NFPA-IL

The annual conference NFPA-IL, December 8, 2021 at the TLV University.

Thanks to all the fire safety consultants, national fire department representatives and all other professionals for your visit at our stand at the NFPA-IL event.

The 12th Annual Construction & Infrastructure Conference at Expo TLV

The 12th Annual Construction & Infrastructure conference at Expo TLV.
Intensive and successful two days event that allowed us to meet a wide range
of decision makers within the industry. Wonderful opportunity to meet face to face,
introduce new products to share ideas  

RAD Bynat Servers Farm Project

RAD Bynet Servers Farm Project - covering a maze of ducts in underground floors -7 to -10.

Two of our teems worked in parallel to meet the requested timeline.

The New Train Station in the City of Lod

EFS Engineering proudly supplied and installed a comprehensive firestop solution. Starting with duct protection, fire barriers, MCT (Multi cable transit) systems for electrical & plumbing systems and fire & smoke curtains to reach the requested compartmentation for fire protection.


Design Studio Bahir