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Our specified products manufactured in our facility have been certified by UL & ETL in consistent with International Standards: ASTM, UL, ISO and BS

DUCTZ+TM – Fire Resistant Wrap for Duct Insulation

DUCTZ+TM is a flexible fire resistant wrap, designed to provide fire protective enclosure for commercial kitchen grease ducts as well as ventilation ducts.

DUCTZ+TM fire resistant wrap has been tested by ASTM E2336, UL 2221, ULC S144, ISO 6944 and BS 476, and it is proven as a two hour enclosure and firestop system.

Fire and Smoke Dampers

Our dampers were tested in accordance with UL 555 and UL 555S standards, and are approved for installation in HVAC ducts. The dampers are certified by UL, File number: R39644.  We offer both 1-1/2 and 3 hour fire ratings, Class 1 leakage rating up to 350F. All models are approved for a vertical and horizontal installation for a wide range of sizes up to 240X360 cm.

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EFS Engineering offers a wide range of passive fire protection solutions and smoke control and management systems that are necessary to protect life and property during a fire situation

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EFS Engineering promotes safety and security to protect life and property across major industries namely residential and commercial facilities, airports and aviation, health care and education, hospitality and leisure