DUCTZ+ – BS 476

Ducts Fire Wrap System

DUCTZ+®is a flexible fire resistant wrap, designed to provide fire protective enclosure
for commercial kitchen grease ducts as well as ventilation ducts.

DUCTZ+® has been tested to BS 476, and it is proven as a four hour enclosure and firestop system (400C).

This is the ideal enclosure solution for :

  • Commercial kitchen grease ducts
  • Ventilation air ducts
  • Chemical exhaust ducts
  • Pressurization ducts Other fire rated HVAC ducts

Product Features

  • 4-hour fire rating Tested per BS 476
  • High flexibility for fast and easy installation to all duct designs
  • Alternate to shaft enclosure
  • Thin and lightweight at nominal thickness of
    0.78” (20mm) and density of 6 pcf (96kg/m3)
  • Zero clearance to combustibles, at any location
  • Fully foil encapsulated for blanket protection,
    high strength and clean installation
  • Good sound absorption
  • Available in:
    24” x 25ft. (609.6mm x 7.62m), 50sq/ft. (4.645m2)
    48” x 25ft. (1219.2mm x 7.62m), 100sq/ft. (9.29m2)

Fire Rated Shaft

  • Traditional Bulky Protection
  • Difficult to Apply

One Layer Zero Clearance

  • Space Saving
  • Easy to Install


Fire Resistance (BS 476, 400C)
Pass - 4 hour Fire Resistance Rating
File number
Applus Laboratories

Projects with DUCTZ

Bloomfield Stadium
Tel Aviv
RAD Bynat
The Young Towers


Design Studio Bahir