Circular Sound Attenuators without Pod | EFS-RA

Circular Sound Attenuators without Pod | EFS-RA


Attenuators are used as a complementary part of the HVAC system, to reduce noises arising from the fans, airflow inside the duct or any other noise source. The attenuators are used for a wide variety of applications, including: air treatment units, axial fans, centrifugal fans, generator rooms, chiller cooling units, industrial noise control systems spread along the ducting systems.

EFS attenuators have been tested at the SRL laboratory in the UK in accordance with BS/EN ISO 7235:2009.

The Circular attenuators are made by EFS Engineering in Israel.



  • Model – EFS-RA Circular Attenuator without pod
  • Model – EFS-RAP Circular Attenuator with pod
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  • The outer casing of the Attenuator is made of 1.0 mm thick galvanized metal sheet
  • The flange ring is made of 1.5mm thick of galvanized metal sheet
  • An acoustic insulation installed inside the attenuator for noise absorption, resists insects, pests, and moisture
  • The acoustic insulation is attached to the inner part of the attenuator with a galvanized metal mesh that allows the sound waves to be routed to the acoustic insulation for standard and optimal noise attenuation
  • A protective cover for the external closure of the attenuator, to prevent the penetration of birds, is available
  • Interior and exterior paint finish
  • Protective cover for the external closure
  • Countersunk nuts in the outer ring for a fan connection
  • Tested as per BS/EN ISO 7235:2009 standard – SRL laboratory, UK

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