Constant Volume Flow Controller

Constant Volume Flow Controller

VRRK 500 By Aerotechnik GMBH

Rectangular Constant Volume Flow Controller  By Aerotechnik Siegwart GMBH


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  • Galvanized steel construction with flanged duct connection.
  • Volume flow controllers work with a smooth-running, asymmetrically angled plate, which guarantees a sensitive responding behavior even in case of low volume flows.
  • Control plate is supported by two maintenance free PTFE bearings.
  • Flow rate can be easily set or reset within airflow range by using 2 mm Allen key.
  • Airflow tolerances:
  • Operating temperature range: -30 °C / +100 °C.
  • Minimum size: W = 150 mm; H = 100 mm; L = 220 mm
  • Maximum size: W = 600 mm; H = 300 mm; L = 385 mm
  • Note: Width must be same or larger than Height.
  • Airflow is automatically regulated at a pre-set value in rectangular ducts, independently of the varying pressure in the duct.
  • Installation of CMEV and air conditioning.
  • Air exhaust or air supply.
  • Operating pressure range up to 1000 Pa.

Leakage of housing according to DIN EN 1751 class C

Aerotechnik Constant Volume Flow Controller type VRRK 500

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