Concertina Fire Curtain

Concertina Fire Curtain

Concertina Fire Curtain

A unique peripheral solution for buffering and creating a fire and smoke barrier around large areas and openings between floors such as stairs, atrium and various horizontal openings.

The curtain is sewn to the desired size and manufactured according to the unique shape of the opening without the need for columns or rails as a frame for leading down the curtain – square, multi-ribbed or round.

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A fully motorized system consists of a control box, rollers, motors, fabric, bottom rod, side guides and electronic components.

Each component is tested and approved individually to meet the stringent safety requirements

  • 4 hours fire protection
  • 4.5 hours smoke protection
  • 30 mins heat radiation protection

The curtains are installed in a unique, hidden and aesthetic method that assimilates them as an integral part of the building’s ceiling or wall so that it does not visually detract the overall design.

  • Fire curtains – to limit the spread of fire and ensure a safe passage
  • All curtains can be applied in all types of different buildings in a variety of openings such as open halls, stairs, mass transit stations, lobbies and more
  • The curtains are custom-made, with full adjustment to the opening or space you want to block, creating a buffering between the fire-smoke areas and the people.
  • UL10D
  • BS / EN 1634-1 Fire test
  • BS / EN 1634-3 Smoke leakage
  • BS 8524-1

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